Top 9 SMEs Business CRM Software in Canada for 2023

Ankit Dhamsaniya
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Top 9 SMEs Business CRM Software in Canada for 2023

Every business activity in today's data-driven world is dependent on three things: data management, data acquisition, and data interpretation. Customer relationship management software makes day-to-day customer management activities more efficient and smooth. CRM software offers a data-driven sales and service management solution. CRM software is effective at managing all aspects of the customer relationship. 

There are dozens of CRM software options available today, each with its own set of unique features. There are numerous options available. Customers are overwhelmed by these options when it comes to selecting the best CRM software. CRM software includes standard features such as lead generation, sales management, communication management, report generation, and data analytics.

This blog will help you decide which software is best for your SME business, what features are included in that software, what are pros and cons of that software are, and how much it costs. You can also use this blog to compare various software and select the best software for your business. So, let's talk about the top ten SME business CRM software in Canada in 2023. 

Top 10 SMEs business CRM software in Canada 2023

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is fairly priced and packed with all of the latest features that a CRM software should have.

  • Zoho makes tracking simple and effective. The software assesses the clients' level of interest and displays straightforward information to you. Zoho CRM tracks who opens the email, who interacts with the email, and who clicks on the link attached to the email. A quick look at your lead's activities will reveal how interested the customer is in purchasing your product or using your services.
  • Zoho sends you timely notifications about all email activity so that you can actively engage with them and close the deal as soon as possible. Zoho has an email parser feature that automatically captures and saves email information in the CRM database so you don't have to do it manually. Zoho also has an advanced search filter that will show you exactly what you're looking for. 


  • Easy integration with other softwares

  • In-build employee reward feature

  • Advanced and complete range of basic features

  • Intuitive interface

  • The software is fully customizable


  • AI features are only available with the top-tier subscription plan.


Fresh sales will handle all of the day-to-day activities of your business processes, allowing your employees to focus on more complex tasks and strategize for better customer engagement. 

Fresh works

For example, if you use fresh sales, your team will not have to waste time gathering information about the buyer's demographics and filling out the details. The software will automatically fill the prospects' information from open sources such as social media with the sales auto-filing feature. Your sales person will find it simpler to get in touch with leads if you have more information about them. 

You can also set automatic triggers for sales sequences and workflows based on customer behavior or a specific date. For example, if a lead does not respond within 15 days, the software will automatically remove that lead on the assumption that the customer is not interested. Similarly, if a customer requests a meeting, the system will send them a reminder. These tasks may appear simple, but they help the organization in the long run by increasing customer acquisition.

The best part about fresh sales is that the software allows you to visualize the sales pipeline in any way you want. You can arrange it in tabular, list, or kanban format, depending on your needs. In addition to the detailed profile view, there is a section called customer summary where you can have a quick view about your customer. It will be useful when you need to quickly review customer information.


  • Easily integrates with the softwares like Trello, Quickbooks, Hubspot and others

  • Easy to use interface

  • Advanced AI-driven features

  • Integrated calendar and task manager


  • Free plans does not offer reports


Salesforce is the most popular CRM software in the market. Customer support, marketing automation, lead generation, revenue analytics, and application development are all part of the system. One of the most exciting features of Salesforce CRM is its ability to be customized for any industry or type of organization.


Salesforce is the leading cloud-based CRM software in Canada. Salesforce has a plethora of features that are ideal for any business. Customer 360 is an all-inclusive feature that is both flexible and scalable. The software includes built-in support for AI-based lead generation, app development, and market analytics.

Salesforce supports Slack as a communication tool. Einstein AI as a productivity booster. Your team can use Trailhead as a learning resource. Customer 360's advanced analytics feature allows you to think from the buyer's perspective and fully understand your customers' pain points.


  • Easy integration of third party softwares

  • Third-party marketplace

  • Excellent analytics and communication tools 


  • The software has a very complex interface that is difficult to grasp at first



In Canada, Pipedrive is widely used. It is well-known for its cost - efficient and innovative features that are ideal for SMEs. The pipedrive interface is simple to use and operate. 



Pipedrive focuses on sales and lead generation where you can easily set up the whole sales process and track progress regarding the sales goal. Pipedrive can be optimized to meet your team goals. PipeDrive offers AI-driven, automated chatbots that can automatically route prospects to your sales team and pipeline. You can make web forms that are very customizable to gather additional information about your potential consumers.

Through a single dashboard, users can easily track individual conversations between the parties. The dashboard provides a quick overview of all phone calls, emails, meetings, and chats. Many of the sales team's day-to-day activities can be automated once pipe drive is installed. Pipedrive is fully AI-powered, automating many tasks.


  • Easy to use interface

  • Wide options in add-ons

  • Mobile handy app which automatically synchronizes with your emails and calls


  • Limited feature in the basic package

Monday Sales

Monday sales, as the name suggests, is ideal for shaking off the Monday blues and motivating your employees to work harder. It provides solid CRM functionality at an affordable price for small and medium-sized businesses. The CRM tool includes lead management, lead generation, customer tracking, marketing coordination, and customer on boarding assistance.




Monday sales is completely customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific business needs. The software is adaptable to all types of businesses in Canada. Many of your daily tasks are automated by the software, allowing you to focus on more important tasks. Monday sales team is fully supportive and ready to tailor all of your needs from the ground up. Sales tasks such as assigning duties, setting reminders, tracking emails, and so on can be easily automated.

The software includes a feature called one-click deal view, which allows you to see every aspect of the deal with a single click. With a single click, you can view all aspects of a deal, such as contact information, deal status, and upcoming tasks, in a single dashboard. 


  • You can manage total communication in the software

  • Fully customized dashboard

  • The free version of this software is feature rich


  • Minimum 3 user requirement 

Zendesk sell

Zendesk sell is a complete CRM support software that integrates easily with many popular CRM softwares such as Salesforce, Nimble, ZOHO CRM, and many others. It is especially beneficial to Canadian small and medium-sized businesses.


Zendesk provides a range of features that are specifically tailored for SMEs, including customer communication, lead management, and complete workflow and sales pipeline management. The software seamlessly integrates with ERP software such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, Dropbox, and others. Flow management, email integration, and sales engagement are just a few of the software's productivity tools. 

Zendesk sells software that lets you see the whole customer information and it mainly focuses on enhancing the customer experience. The software gives you full information about the previous sales record, future order scheduling and all the other communication records. The software has a simple view of the sales pipeline that gives you an intuitive view of the whole sales pipeline.


  • The pricing of the software is flexible and minimal according to your business requirements.

  • Integration with other softwares with gives you a 360 view.

  • Easy to use simple interface


  • Very overwhelming features for SMEs that’s sometimes confusing for the user


Maximiser CRM

Maximiser CRM has been designed specifically to boost sales team productivity, making it ideal for the Canadian market. The user-friendly interface of Maximiser CRM software serves over 120,000 customers worldwide. 


Maximiser software is available in cloud and on-premise configurations. The software is fully compatible with Microsoft and Google services. The software provides a detailed view of sales and service reports, allowing you to easily track revenue growth, lead generation, and lead fulfillment. The software manages and provides all of the details of the customer's requirements and issues with ease. This means you can always intervene when necessary to resolve any customer issues. The software is simple to use and has a flat learning curve. This software is very simple to use, and your sales team will not need any additional training to use it. 


  • Easy to use user friendly dashboard

  • 360 sales management 

  • Fully detailed customer information view


  • Unfortunately, there is no free version available

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM is Canada's best CRM service. This software includes a number of freemium services. The CRM interface is simple to use and provides numerous functionalities. The interface is so simple that your sales team will quickly pick it up and begin working on it.


Whether it's the operations or sales department, the Hubspot CRM functions without a hitch across the board. The software permits tracking of 1 million contacts and has no user limit. Your sales team may take advantage of a variety of useful Hubspot CRM sales management features, including live chat management, email tracking, meeting scheduling, and quick notification of prospect communication. The real-time reporting dashboard that the Hubspot CRM offers provides a thorough overview of all the data on business insights and the sales pipeline. The 1090 various integration options that Hubspot CRM provides are divided across the solution, platform, and add-on categories. The software provider also offers customization choices that can be adjusted to meet your company's needs. 


  • Offers a freemium version with lots of functionalities

  • Easy email integration

  • Easy installation 


  • The advanced features are very expensive


Keap CRM is perfect for Canadian small businesses because it comes with all the most modern features available in CRM software. The software is excellent for involving customers, and your company can quickly walk customers through each step of the buying process. 


Keap software is designed specifically for service-based businesses. This includes new businesses, agency owners, coaching, marketing, and so on. The software provides complete assistance by efficiently managing communication records. Keap offers a collection of email templates from which you can easily launch fully automated email campaigns. The software allows you to schedule emails and track the status of those emails. Keap CRM includes features such as blueprint capture, template creation, and appointment scheduling that are designed to make lead generation much easier. Keap enables you to call and text your customers directly from your phone.



  • Lead generation can be easily automated

  • Effortless integrations with third party softwares

  • The mobile-app is feature rich


  • Costlier as compared to competitors


CRM software helps businesses manage customer relationships more efficiently. There are many CRM software options available in Canada for small and medium-sized businesses. This blog lists the top ten SMEs business CRM software in Canada for 2023. Each software includes features such as lead generation, sales management, communication management, report generation, and data analytics. Pros and cons of each software and pricing are also discussed.

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