By ngDesk

ngDesk is a customer service, marketing, and sales solution that enables you to automate your procedures for an enhanced user experience. It provides smart tools and features for asset management, IT management, sales management and support management, all in one place. ngDesk centralizes your ticket handling, making it easier and faster to handle problems and keep your agents and customers satisfied. ngDesk live chat makes it simple to interact and delight your customers across several platforms, including the social, mobile, and web. Customers and agents can quickly and easily discover answers to their inquiries with ngDesk's knowledge base and self-service site. You can manage all your software and hardware assets in one place and obtain insights to help you save money and stay compliant. ngDesk's CRM is built on an all-in-one platform that combines sales pipelines, processes, and quotes. You can use enticing email marketing to keep your consumers interested. Additionally, you can increase the